Timemap.js is an Open Source Javascript library I wrote to help create maps and timelines that work together.
Timemap.js Screenshots

Timemap.js is a tool to help show information simultaneously on an online map and timeline. Only items in the visible range of the timeline are shown on the map, giving you a sense of both how contemporary they are and how they are related geographically. The timemap.js library has been downloaded over 5,000 times and is used on sites including LATimes.com, Ushahidi.com, and Open Context. It was featured in a blog post I guest-authored for the Google Geo Developers Blog.

The timemap.js library is written in Javascript, using the SIMILE timeline API and the Mapstraction library to support map providers including Google Maps and Open Layers. Features include the ability to load multiple datasets, progressive loading, and support for KML and GeoRSS. Timemap.js is Open Source under the MIT license. You can see working examples and download the code at the project homepage.