Who am I, again, anyway?

First things first: I am not Nik Rabinowitz, though I occasionally get his mail. I am (currently) an Internet and information management consultant, which includes a pretty wide set of work. I’ve been working with online technologies since 1996, when I first built a personal homepage at college (now laughably embarrassing; suffice it to say it included animated GIF flames).

I still do a fair amount of web development, with a focus on front-end work (I was a Javascript programmer long, long before that was cool), client-side applications, and data visualization. But I also do a lot of work helping organizations manage and get value from their information, which has  less to do with technical skills and a lot more to do with things like talking to a range of stakeholders, getting a deep understanding of current systems and processes, and helping to develop a collective vision for what an organization can do with data.

I’ve worked primarily with academic, non-profit, and humanitarian organizations, and in 2007 I went back to school to deepen my technical knowledge, explore topics like visualization, interaction design, GIS, and user research, and gain the skills necessary to help organizations like those I had worked for do more with data. I received my Master’s degree from the UC Berkeley School of Information in 2009, and have worked since then as an independent consultant on a range of projects. Some of my recent work includes:

I’m a big fan of Open Source, and am the author of several Open Source projects, including Timemap.js and Pjscrape. I also spend slightly too much time on StackOverflow.com, where I recently broke 10k reputation. Yes, I am a nerd.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you – just don’t try to book me for a show with a goat.

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